Released February 19, 2018

Stories from the fourth issue of Overdose include-

Making of ”It’s a long way to the top” – In-house journalist Niclas Müller Hansen meets one of the bagpipers who starred in the classic music video ”It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock’n’roll)”

Sin City – In this series, Arwel Owen discovers AC/DC’s London, kicking off at Heathrow airport, where the band first arrived in early 1976.

The sixth member of AC/DC – Despite often being in the shadows of his younger brothers, George Young was always their mentor. In this memoriam article Bill Voccia tells us how important the father of AC/DC was and the impact he had on the future sound of AC/DC.

and much more….

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Released March 10, 2017

Stories from the third issue of Overdose include-

A night at atlantic studios – During the late seventies AC/DC had a hard time convincing both their record company and radio stations all over the United States to give them airtime. Thankfully, Peter Cooper set out to change that

Circus Krone – In a sweaty club in Munich, AC/DC had returned to their roots. Spectators that night recall it being ”so hot that condensation was dripping from the ceiling”.

Sons of ‘DC – In a exclusive interview brothers O’Keeffe talks about touring life and what it’s like to follow in the footsteps of their favourite band

and much more….

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Released May 20, 2016

Stories from the second issue of Overdose include-

Blast from the past – Hans Hatwig tells us all about his mythical day with Angus in Stockholm dotted with shenanigans in plenty.

They turned the amps up high – Arwel Owen recalls his memories from the ”Rock Or Bust” video shoot.

I could be in a rock’n’roll dream – Phil Lageat, editor in chief of the monthly Rock Hard France, tells a story about a sweaty gig in Berlin 2003

…. and much more.

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Released November 25, 2015

Stories from the first issue of Overdose include-

YOU’VE BEEN THUNDERSTRUCK – Discover straight from the horse’s mouth (well, our good friend Arwel Owen) what it is like to star in an AC/DC video.

BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO – Our exclusive interview with AC/DC’s go-to video director, David Mallet.

FAMILY JEWELS – We chat exclusively to tour chef Maurice Johnson (who also happens to be Brian Johnson’s brother)

ON THE ROAD WITH DAZGOULASH – Darren Goulash is a bonafide AC/DC superfan. We get his perspective on going on the road with AC/DC in his own unique way.

ROCK OR BUST – Discover Tom Bombo and his adventures in our AC/DC comic!

…. and much more.

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