#1 - #1/2015

Stories from the first issue of Overdose include-

YOU’VE BEEN THUNDERSTRUCK – Discover straight from the horse’s mouth (well, our good friend Arwel Owen) what it is like to star in an AC/DC video.

BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO – Our exclusive interview with AC/DC’s go-to video director, David Mallet.

FAMILY JEWELS – We chat exclusively to tour chef Maurice Johnson (who also happens to be Brian Johnson’s brother)

ON THE ROAD WITH DAZGOULASH – Darren Goulash is a bonafide AC/DC superfan. We get his perspective on going on the road with AC/DC in his own unique way.

ROCK OR BUST – Discover Tom Bombo and his adventures in our AC/DC comic!

…. and much more.

You've been Thunderstruck

Hidden away in a corner of Kerrang’s news pages lay a small article asking fans living in or near London to call Park Rock Management if they wanted to appear in AC/DC’s next video.

I called immediately to be told that tickets were only being handed out face-to-face from Part Rock’s London office and the video shoot was in three days. Here was a problem; I was 300 miles away in Wales, and stuck at work for another eight hours, with no means to get to London.
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Brian meets the fans

AC/DC’s Stiff Upper Lip World Tour had finished earlier that year and, with an increasingly long wait between albums, I’d assumed it would be quite a while before there would be any more activity from the band. So, when Brian Johnson announced that he would be reforming his old band Geordie for a gig in Newcastle I’d immediately secured my ticket to the show.

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Blow up your video

David Mallet is known for classic videos like Queens´s "I want to break free" (1984), Def Leppard´s "Photograph" (1982) and Scorpions "Rock you like a hurricane" (1984), to name a few, but he has also had a long working relationship with AC/DC and have almost done all their videos since 1986.

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A dose of... Dirty Deeds

He’s the guy who photographed and designed the infamous AC/DC "Lock Up Your Daughters Summer Vacation Tour" poster. Let us present to you, Graeme Webber.

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The Geordie Reunion

After enjoying decades of success with AC/DC, Brian Johnson returned to his Geordie roots to perform a reunion tour with his former band, the aptly named Geordie.

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On the road with Dazgoulash

Follow Darren Goulden also known as "Dazgoulash" and his stories from being on the road, exclusivly for Overdose.

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Mr Thunderstruck, the man behind the drums!

We talked to legendary drummer Chris Slade about his time with the band (unknowing that he would be joining them once again in 2015)

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Rock in Rio

Do we have to thank Michel Lent Schwartzman for AC/DC playing at Rock in Rio 1985? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t, but what we do know is that on the band’s arrival in the

Brazillian capital, Michel mistook Angus Young for a little girl...

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meet the fans... Patrik Fahlenbach

Born in 1970 and hooked from the age of 9, German born Dr Patrik Fahlenbach is arguably one of AC/DC’s most dedicated fans. Having been to close to one hundred shows, chances are that you will have seen Patrik, up towards the front, more than likely wearing his famous badge covered denim jacket. In the first part of a series looking at the lives of AC/DC superfans, meet Patrik.

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Family Jewels

As you may well know, AC/DC like to keep things in the family, so who better to employ as a tour caterer than Brian’s brother Maurice? Niclas finds out about life on tour and what it was like to grow up with the flat cap loving frontman.

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AC/DC: The dirties story ever told

Phil Sutcliffe tells us the story of when AC/DC came to England in 1976

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Bedlam In Belgium

In contrast with meticulously planned video shoots, this is the tale of an AC/DC gig that was somewhat less smooth. On his blog, Philippe Derouck tries to document what really happened that night of the infamous Kontich 1977 gig, about which AC/DC wrote a song on the "Flick Of The Switch" album.

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